Saturday, September 5, 2009

About Shri Hanuman Rice Group, Pukhrayan

Our vision as a company is to bring about a revolution in our related industries pertaining to quality perception and providing quality services to our external and internal parties.

We believe that to be able to live up to our aspirations, all members of the company have to imbibe and live by certain values:

  • Quality in thought and action.
  • Power of commitment to our people, clients, and associates.
  • Integrity in character, thought, and action.
  • Inherent trust in our people, clients, and associates.

Shri Hanuman Rice Mill Group
Established in 1986 in the heart of Pukhrayan (Kanpur Dehat) Shri Hanuman Rice Group is now a leading rice manufacturer in the country. It is a partnership firm owned by Vishnoi & Omar family.

Chairman Jagdish Prasad Vishnoi having the experience of 30 years of quality rice manufacturing is now a renowned figure in Pukhrayan.

M.D. Balkrishna Omar
having the experience of 23 years of quality dal manufacturing.
Under their leadership company has achieved lots of milestones in the field of quality rice and dal manufacturing.

The group's sister concern companies are-

1- Shri Hanuman Rice Mill, By Pass, Pukhrayan.
2- Jay Hanuman Chawal Udyog Pvt. Ltd., Barhauli, Pukhrayan.
3- Jay Hanuman Rice Industries, By Pass, Pukhrayan.
4- Bala Ji Rice Mill, Manpur.
5- Shri Jagdamba Dal & Oil Mill, By Pass, Pukhrayan
6- Shri Hanuman Service Center, By Pass, Pukhrayan
7- Sikka Disposable Glass Industries, Barhauli, Pukhrayan.
8- Sikka Brick Field, Manpur.

Contact Details-

Gaurav Vishnoi
Mobile: 09928174985


Shailendra Gupta
Mobile: 09415127958

Mahendra Bishnoi

B.K Omar